Test Results

Our DNA test results are presented in two different ways in the tables as described below. Clicking on a table number will open a discussion of the data in that table and provide a link to the table itself. The table will open in a separate window so the reader can toggle between the discussion and the table.  Or, the reader can print the table and refer to the printed version while reading the discussion.

Table I. This table displays the numbers (alleles) as they came from the laboratory.  The ID numbers on the left identify the test participants.  The second column contains lineage numbers defined as part of the Beatty Project 2000.  The lineage numbers are indicators of the man's genealogy. The remaining columns contain the values at each marker of the sample tested.

Table II. This table is an alternate representation of the data of Table I.  The rows have been grouped into family groups based on genetic distance as supplied by the testing laboratory.  Within each group the genetic distance is relatively small.   A reference row has been determined for each group and the data of Table I has been subtracted from the appropriate reference.