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John Beatty, Ayrshire, Scotland

In the year of our Lord sixteen hundred and twenty one in Ayrshire Scotland, a little baby boy was born to unknown parents. John as he was named was born almost on the west coast of Scotland within 50 to 75 miles northwest of the Scottish border.  His relationship to the Beatties of the border raids between the 14th and 16th centuries is totally unknown as his only known DNA tested descendants do not match others documented to this area.  They are recorded in Table II, Group 10, as ID-50 and ID-73. Although, they appear to be related by a 90% chance with a common ancestor at 400 years, they did not descend down the same lineage.  We believe this common ancestor was the John Beatty of Ayrshire, Scotland, mentioned above.

Nothing is known about the life of this John Beatty other than he married into the Ross family.  We believe this to be the Ross family of Ayrshire, Scotland.  The place of birth of his wife, Jane, is unknown as is her birth date and parentage. There are Ross families in this area in latter Scotland.  We believe they married before 1665 in Scotland because we have one son, John, born in 1665 and another son, James, born in 1670, both in Ayrshire, Scotland.  It seems quite unlikely that John and Jane only had two sons and no other children.  Were there other children?  Were they killed, or died of some sickness? Did they live a full life?  These are questions that can be answered with research into the parish records of the area and time frame.

ID-50 seems to have descended from John (1665) (or another brother we have yet to find), and though his DNA says he is related we have the full paper trail to prove out. ID-73 descended from James (1670), and his genealogy paper trail goes all the way back to John and Jane.

The next solid proof we have on the Beatty brothers is John's participation as a British officer in "The Battle of Boyne," a battle in Ireland in 1690. It was between William III appointed King of England and James II the unseated King of England at the River Boyne, a few miles west of Drogheda.  This battle is one of the most famous of that war.  It is unknown at this time if James was also involved. After this battle they both moved to Ireland. John Beatty married Elise Ross (possibly a relative of his mother).  They had six children.  Elise died the same year as her last child; it is thought in childbirth.  John then married Christina Clinton, lived in Antrim, Ireland, and had four more children. Records indicate, but are not proven, that John and Christina went to America in 1729 and that John died on ship, as did some of the children. Christina remarried in America.

James Beatty married three times, but the dates are unknown. The wives are listed in order of marriage: Agnes, maiden name unknown, Sarah Ross (again, possibly related to his mother or his brother's wife), and a lady whose name is totally unknown. They had nine known children, but there is an unproven record that he had 19 children with the three wives.

If you are interested in my BP-2000, L-05 lineage of both brothers, you are welcome to visit that section of my personal website at:


In that section you can also see a graphical chart of this lineage and a little history of the Beattys (all spellings).

Nelda L. Percival nee Gilpin
10th generation descendant of John Beatty and Jane Ross through their son James Beatty


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