Welcome to the Beatty DNA Project

If you have spent any time researching your Beatty family history, you have probably reached a point where you cannot identify earlier ancestors. Perhaps you have documented 3 generations, or 6, or 8. But, at some point the Beatty trail grows cold.  You are not alone!  Every Beatty researcher (actually, every researcher of any family) has reached the same point at one time or another (the famous 'brick wall').  And, even though there are relatively few Beattys in the population, there doesn't seem to be many connections among them or widespread documentation of their origins.

The Beatty Project 2000 (BP-2000) was started in 1996 to gather information about the various Beatty families. A lot of work has already been done to document Beatty lineages. But, important questions about connections and origins remain. This Beatty DNA Project is intended to help provide additional answers to those questions.  DNA testing is not a magic wand that can solve every mystery or answer every question. It is another tool that can complement our search of written and oral records, graveyards, etc.  Click here to see the BP-2000 lineages tested thus far.

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