About Us

This DNA Project is an offshoot of, and adjunct to, the Beatty Project 2000 (BP-2000). Viewed another way, this is a sub-project of BP-2000.  Our principal objective is to support the research devoted to shedding light on possible connections between and among the many lineage documented in BP-2000.

This website is an outgrowth of the creative talents of Karen Laubach, particularly the trees laden with the various spellings of Beatty.  Those trees dramatically show that regardless of the spelling of the surname, we are all part of the same genealogical tree.

The website is maintained by Les Beaty who also serves as the principal Project Leader for the Beatty DNA Project.

Handling the processing, recording, analysis, and interpretation of DNA sample results is the Project Administrator, Earl Beaty. Earl is also the liaison with Family Tree DNA, Inc. who does the testing.

These people can be contacted simply by clicking the Contact Us link above.